Hybris Features – 6.0 Series

Below is most entirely references from the hybris wiki, and reput together here.
The Profile Key Features
  • Highly flexible and extensible customer profile graph optimized to store profile data, and relationships among data.
  • Support of anonymous and known profiles.
  • Native matching and merging capabilities across sessions.
  • Pre-built integration into SAP Hybris.
  • Click stream processing and real time analysis.
  • Commerce related customer insights like product affinity, category affinity, click behavior.
  • Encryption services to ensure that data is transferred, processed and stored in a secure, encrypted form.
  • Profile transparency, optionally allowing you to display the customer profile to the end customer, providing a new level of transparency.
  • Consent management, optionally enabling end customers to manage consent settings themselves.

Order Management
6.0 highlights for Order Management include enhancements to Returns, Cancellation and Declines functionality, Backoffice Cockpits and SAP Backend integrations.
We have introduced a new Returns and Refunds workflow including approval steps for return requests and goods acceptance handling. Order Management and Customer Service are now combined in the new Backoffice Customer Support Cockpit. Additional enhancements expose more Order Management services over the Omni Commerce Connect API, expose more core functionality to Order Management and improve cancellation, decline and sourcing features.
Enables the Customer Support Agents to do the following:
New – Order Cancellation: An improved UI that allows Customer Support Agents to cancel partial and entire orders.
New – Re-source Failed Orders: Customer Support Agents can attempt to source failed orders again once inventory is available.
Returns & Refunds: Customer Support Agents can manage Returns & Refunds. More information in the Return & Refunds section.
New – Order History: Allows CSA to see the history of an order. Cancellations, Return Requests, Fraud Reports.
Fraud Reports: Set fraud criteria such as Black Lists and White Lists and Price Thresholds. Let Customer Support Agents accept or reject potential fraudulent orders.
Payment Transactions: View payments transactions and amounts authorized, captured or refunded.
Order Details Modification: Customer Support Agents can change delivery modes and customers’ billing and delivery addresses.
Promotions – Promotion Rule Builder
The new Promotion Engine comes with an intuitive user interface based on the Backoffice Administration Cockpit that allows business users easily create Promotion Templates and Rules on the fly. The Rule Builder provides a set of out-of-the-box conditions and actions that can be used in various combinations resulting in a wide variety of custom promotions. Marketers don’t have to be IT experts to create and manage promotions. The Rule Builder offers a simplified drag & drop user interface to build complex rules using the combinations of conditions and actions.
SAP Integration
– Master data
The latest release makes the replication of product master data to SAP Hybris Commerce more flexible than ever thanks to new Data Hub extensions. Version 6.0 also injects greater flexibility for B2B customer data, allowing B2B customers to use self-registration to create and modify customer contact data in the online store and have this data replicated back to SAP ERP.
– SAP asynchronous order management is now available when using Order Management for SAP Hybris Commerce. And as of the latest release, invoice data is also available for B2B customers to view in the online store.
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