Some personal crypto background

I am a crypto passionate since 2012. I am going to provide here some cool references.

  • I was able to buy the google domain name in NXT. Still have it, if anyone interested btw. Also, I will always remember NXT as my first big passion in the crypto space. Most early adopters are like me, I will never sell all the remaining of my NXT, by pure nostalgy. If it survives that long, some of the early disruptive crypto will simply be collectibles 20 years from now. That is why I stored this on IPFS via my own app (maybe later on this another time): capture of NXT tx.
  • I lost a couple of bitcoins during the MtGox hack, here is an article about me, though it seems naive as it forgets the part that says I am confident in the future given the existing alternatives such as NXT (but hey find a hint of mine to this in this old french blog).
  • I had my Jinn on the NXT AE, and some of you know where that lead me next. As you can see, I’m a big fan of CFB, he was my #1 dev/topics to follow for years. He probably doesn’t know me though we did have discussions about a few things at the time of nxt alias system or before, and then later for the purchase of Skyrim licences. Also had talks with him and David about semiconductors innovations as I proposed to put them in contact with Atomera Inc.(was named differently at the time), but it was too early stage for them. Either way, I have done my part on sharing IOTA to the world, having for example my followers asking to buy at “la maison du Bitcoin” in Paris (which they hadn’t heard of before), and because of much demand, they themselves had to go on Slack to satisfy their clients. To finish on this topic and show my appreciation for all his contributions, one could find many similarities between BCNext and S.N…
  • I was an active user of, the first platform enabling investments in new crypto projects other than the p2p deals on bitcointalk forum.
  • I was part of the BTC Miami 2013, in which Ethereum and many other projects unveiled their plans for the first time.
  • Ethereum ENS: I own a few cool names that I like, such as braveheart.eth, rogerfederer.eth, and saphybris.eth.
  • Many people say you can’t create a fund without $50k-$100k, that it is reserved for the elite. Well, I started with less than $10k and a simple LLC. I turned it into less than a $1M and went on to form a robust structure by that time. If you truly know what you are doing, and you bring something unique on the table, then anything is possible. In my case, I wanted to bring outside money and people into the crypto market, rather than just helping the ongoing loop circulation between crypto traders that was taking place in 2014/2015, via so called “crypto virtual funds” (accepting crypto only). Also, I wanted my family and friends to have a foot in this space as early as possible, while preserving them from the various risks and difficulties through a managed fund. I will admit though, getting the right structure in place when you don’t have the typical financial network or background, is incredibly difficult. I would say that this was my biggest challenge, along finding any specific rules or considerations about managing crypto assets.
  • I have my parcel of land on Decentraland, turns out it’s a great spot, adjacent to the road, 1 parcel away from the district Festival Land, and 9 parcels away from a Plaza.
  • Today, while I still actively manage a small fund for now, I love using and testing the applications being developed in the space. I try to increase my technical skills as well, only if I had more time to develop… (still don’t miss my past career) I did not give up on this, but in the meantime, stay tuned for some cool tools I am developing through specialized services providers.
  • How I heard first about Bitcoin.
  • Check out those pics of some physical collectibles.
  • I keep an archives blog of my little writing, small for now but planning to do a better job at it.
  • If you are a company and would like to work with me, share ventures, or seek investments, I suggest to go through my master company, Atsala. In that regard, I am gathering core principles that I advocate for, check them out here.



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