Mobile Web Deployment

From Hybris version 4.4 to 4.8. Grainger mobile web project.

Deploying an existing/ongoing dev e-commerce platform on mobile requires quite some changes, at least at that time of 2011/2012. Although the hybris accelerator would bring a few services for mobile, such as mobile detection services, it would not do the magic of transforming the user experience accordingly. The main effort here was to decide what can be reused from the Desktop site, and how to incorporate new components when needed. It goes along with assigning proper CMSRestrictions, as well as CMSInverseRestrictions depending on the context.  Then of course, once the controllers have been setup correctly with the new mobile logic, the final work was to adapt the views to the mobile experience, most of the time creating new views. Jquery mobile was a great choice, and the mobile specific features were interesting to implement such as the Google geolocation API. The project being of agile type methodologie, I was able to cover various areas of tasks:

Browsing catalog, Product Details page, Add to cart modal, modal alerts, payment integration (paymetrics), and b2b specific features. Ask me for more details, this was a personal experience at Grainger.

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