International Re-platform @Rexel

This was a big challenge, a big project living as Hybris was starting to evolve. At the time, Hybris was no more than a version 2.6, not yet integrated with Spring MVC. The framework used was Struts, and the b2b segment services were very limited (there was no accelerator either yet). This experience is not just about Hybis, but about an entire IS department revamping all points of integrations along their new choices of most modern systems (Microsoft MDM, Sharepoint, Hybris, Endeca, Aris, etc..).

I could probably write a dedicated website on just this one and my work  over there, but not for now. My role has changed and evolved couple of times, starting to the development of interactive prototypes, and ending by the management of the international e-commerce deployments (about 8 countries, each with specific business logic, data, layouts, etc..).

I’d say one of my key role during those couple of years, was leading the data migration plans (and incremental loads in automatic process) on high level, as well as technically (adapting and importing the customer and product data with Hybris ImpEx tool). This involved designing daily cronjobs well scheduled to fit at least 5 different time zones, taking into account performance, multi-tenant system and significant amount of data. It also took a good amount of documentation to explain the “incremental automatic process” design.

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