Hybris 6.3 – Vouchers deprecated

From 6.3, the Vouchers Module will be deprecated into maintenance mode for the next 18-months, and thereafter dereleased into legacy support.

As part of the Promotion Engine 6.2, we include Coupons that have achieved feature parity with the legacy Voucher Module and offers many other improvements, for instance coupons as part of a promotion.

For customers using version 6.x of SAP Hybris Commerce, it is recommended to switch to the Promotion Engine and use Coupons there instead of the legacy Voucher module. Because of the big architectural differences, the new Coupons are backwards incompatible with the legacy Vouchers Module. But it is possible to create similar voucher types, the promotional voucher and serial vouchers, from the legacy module in the new Promotion Engine using Single-code coupon and Multi-code coupon.
local_offerevent_note March 27, 2017

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