About the subscription module (v6.3)

About the Subscriptions Module

The Hybris Subscriptions Module was designed specifically to address the needs of subscription-based sales. Hybrisenables you to manage frequency, length, renewals and other attributes unique to subscription business models. Powerful tools allow business users to easily set up subscription-based pricing models, pricing periods, subscription terms and conditions, entitlements and metering, and more, supporting innovation and fast time to market.

In today’s competitive business, quick reaction to market needs is the key factor to success. This is especially important in growing market of digital content distribution and different subscription-based services providers, where there is no physical product. Introduction of new offerings is often held back by legacy, inefficient and cumbersome business tools. Customer oriented organizations must be able to instantly deliver ordered products in an electronic format, manage subscription (or frequency and usage based) pricing model and administer all different kinds of subscription entitlements. Due to a different and usually more complex pricing model found in digital goods distribution, the main focus is not a single purchase, but repeated transactions, subscription renewal, cross-selling of additional products and services and building customer loyalty. Also digital content distribution companies are looking into adopting retail market best practices (such as merchandising strategies, guided selling process, etc.) to their business model needs.

Another important practice in digital distribution business is to continually approach existing customer base using headless commerce such as in app purchases, guided selling and up-selling, to maximize profits.

Susbcription Billing Gateway

SBG is a service that provides an interface and translation between SAP Hybris Commerce and an external subscription billing provider system. The gateway is billing system agnostic and communicates using web services, that can be mapped to different provider attributes. The reference solution includes integration with Vindicia, which can be used for both paynow and recurring payments. The SBG is completely provider-agnostic. You can customize the Subscription Billing Gateway to utilize the features of a subscription billing provider of your choice. Should you decide to use our SBG solution with market-leading Vindicia integration, you can obtain it by visiting the Hybris ExtendInformation published on SAP site marketplace.

SBG offers end-to-end solution for subscription products. It is most commonly used for marketing digital goods, such as magazines, streaming media, cloud storage, and so on. The gateway is decoupled from SAP Hybris Commerce, which means that it can be easily integrated with different subscription providing systems. SBG utilizes concept of Commerce Infrastructure Services but is offered as onpremise extension of default SAP Hybris Commerce functionality.

The main benefits are:

  • Quickly implement and integrate third-party billing solutions to SAP Hybris Commerce.
  • Quick time to market for subscription based offers and pricing models.
  • Choice between the SBG integrated with market-leading Vindicia solution, or the provider-agnostic version allowing you to connect the Subscription Billing Gateway to any subscription billing provider.


  • Choose the commerce path that best fits your needs, selling subscription-based products solely or in combination with traditionally priced offerings.
  • Drive fast innovation with all the business tools you need to support new business models.
  • Increase revenue and margin by segmenting your offerings and defining entitlements that control product visibility and pricing and using personalized price controls for components based on customer, order quantity, delivery time, or payment.
  • Shorten the rollout of new offers and pricing plans by handing the task over to business users with a powerful integrated tool rather than having to make an IT project out of it.
  • Encourage new users to establish a digital relationship with your brand through advanced personalization and promotions.
  • Combine the offering of digital and physical products on a single commerce platform.

Key Features

  • Define and sell subscription-based products and capture subscription orders
  • Manage varying levels of service plans as products with subscription-based pricing
  • Personalize pricing based on customer profile
  • Manage standard terms of service, for example term frequency and length, and renewal types
  • Provide flexible fulfillment options, for example order splitting
  • Optimize checkout flows for subscriptions
  • Support combinations of one-time, recurring, and per-usage charges
  • Manage multiple price periods
  • Integrate into third-party billing systems
  • Subscription Billing Gateway (SBG): core features
  • Subscription Billing Gateway (SBG): Vindicia integration
  • Subscription Billing Gateway (SBG): Provider-agnostic version
  • Entitlement functionality: Decoupling from Subscriptions Module
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