Setting B2B on top of B2C accelerator


Assume your current solution is based on Hybris B2C accelerator. However some level of B2B incorporation can be necessary for following reasons.

  • Adjustments are needed for an eventual upcoming B2B releases
  • Customer model needs to realign with SAP foundational structure, and ideally use
  • Many relevant services for B2B should be leveraged
    • Related to  B2B types
    • or simply Related to B2B commerce functionality (see B2B features)


Technical Strategy

  • Since 5.7 B2B is now just an addon for the accelerator storefront so from a code standpoint there shouldn’t be an issue
  • b2c_b2b_acc recipe that allows for both accelerators setup /
  • Current decision (first try at east) is to go with an addon approach (ant addoninstall).
    • See Installing all the B2B Accelerator AddOns
      • Examples (tested locally)
        • ant addonuninstall -Daddonnames=”b2bacceleratoraddon” -DaddonStorefront.yacceleratorstorefront=“whrstorefront”
        • ant addoninstall -Daddonnames=”commerceorgaddon” -DaddonStorefront.yacceleratorstorefront=”whrstorefront”
    • Scalability – think about separate storefront extensions if needed to separate b2c and b2b addon installations
  • To ensure the new module is working, initialize the system and start the hybris server.


Impact Considerations

    • Lot of the services for B2B revolve around B2BCustomer and their user rights.
    • Four main groups for customer rights
      • B2BAdminGroup
      • B2BManagerGroup
      • B2BApproverGroup
      • B2BCustomerGroup

    • For the B2C and B2B configurations, there is the case of not wanting a user to access the B2B web application while using the B2C site. To handle this, the spring-filter-content.xml file of yacceleratorstorefront defines a new acceleratorSiteChannels that only support B2C. This is then injected into CmsSiteFilter, which throws a 500 Error if the user attempts to access the wrong site. The b2bacceleratoraddonAddOn then overrides this acceleratorSiteChannels in its b2bacceleratoraddon-web-spring.xml to only support B2B. Since running the two sites on the same server requires an ext-gen, these are two separate web applications and these configurations will not clash with each other.

Steps to install the B2B extensions and addons

Note: the SAP hybris version used for this was 6.0, and 6.2 (specifically steps 5 and 6 for 6.2).

  1. Copy the b2bacceleratoraddon from hybris/bin/ext-addon to extensions folder
  2. Add below to the localextensions.xml
    <extension name="b2bacceleratorfacades"/>
    <extension name="acceleratorstorefrontcommons"/>
    <extension name="powertoolsstore"/>
    <extension dir="${HYBRIS_BIN_DIR}/../../extensions/b2bacceleratoraddon"/>


  3.  Change the  <ref bean=”SiteChannel.B2C”/> in the  b2bacceleratoraddon-web-spring.xml, see below.
    <alias name="b2bAcceleratorSiteChannels" alias="acceleratorSiteChannels"/>    <util:set id="b2bAcceleratorSiteChannels" value-type="de.hybris.platform.commerceservices.enums.SiteChannel">
            <ref bean="SiteChannel.B2B"/>
            <ref bean="SiteChannel.B2C"/>


  4.  Do the change in the b2bacceleratoraddon-spring-security-config.xmlChange below
    <security:authentication-manager alias="authenticationManager">
       <security:authentication-provider ref="B2BAcceleratorAuthenticationProvider" />


    <security:authentication-manager alias="authenticationManager">
            <security:authentication-provider ref="acceleratorAuthenticationProvider"/>


  5. Delete from b2bacceleratoraddon\acceleratoraddon\web\src\de\hybris\platform\b2bacceleratoraddon\controllers\pages\checkout\steps folder.
  6. Remove from b2bacceleratoraddon\resources\b2bacceleratoraddon\web\spring\b2bacceleratoraddon-web-spring.xml
    <bean name="summaryCheckoutStepController" 


  7. Run the command to install the b2bacceleratoraddon
    ant addoninstall -Daddonnames="b2bacceleratoraddon" -DaddonStorefront.yacceleratorstorefront="(custom)storefront"


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