Payment Integration – GE Capital

At first an authentication call is performed on server side. If authenticated, the provider will return an authentication code, that shall be used along the checkout data at form submission, for it to be accepted by the provider.

GE Process at form submission: simple form action call, to GE url, passing all necessary parameters, including the authentication code received. If Account number is authorized and has credit, an approval window is returned, asking for confirmation (complete order). Once the customer clicks on complete order, 2 actions are triggered: First, GE sends a post to Hybris server (defined by notificationUrl parameter) including approval, amount, account number, and cartID attributes. A servlet on Hybris side is defined to interpret the post from GE, and create an order accordingly (using the cartID to tie to the adequate customer cart). Second, the customer is redirected to the order confirmation page, while in the meantime, the cart has been converted to an order thanks to the triggering post from GE.

Ask me for more information, this was a personal experience from SleepNumber.

local_offerevent_note May 6, 2014

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