How I got introduced in crypto, and how it lead me to Tokenpot

Someday in 2012 a banker (and friend) in Chicago tells me about Bitcoin, without being much convinced himself. I’ve done research the following days, and quickly became fascinated with all the concepts behind, from technology to transparency and open-minded community. While still having my main job as an SAP Hybris software architect throughout the years, I kept close contact with the crypto space. From NXT contributions to Ethereum and other investments, I was more and more involved, quickly then becoming knowledgeable on high-risk investment strategies as well as the blockchain technical foundations and challenges.


In 2015, many persons in my family and friends environment wanted in. Investing without knowing what a private and public key, was not a good idea at the time. They needed someone to trust, while embracing the vision I had of this space – a straightforward leap to the future. That vision came in late 2012 and never fade away. At that time, there were a lot of virtual funds, accepting Bitcoin as an entry, and investing it in other crypto coins. But it was all the same money circulating inside the space. Therefore I decided to help the space by creating a fund with cash as an entry, for people that were not tech savvy enough to create a wallet and invest on their own. It was a win-win, and the bonus on top of it was to get my family and friends early in the space for them to enjoy the financial benefits. Of course one could say it could have turned the other way, but I was convinced and yet was only accepting a small portion of funds that could be lost in case of a major incident, whatever it may be. Not much risk for anyone, huge potential, and all of it to embrace good causes and humanity progress via technologies, or distributed ledger technologies in this case. That’s how it started, and that’s the same philosophy that drives Tokenpot Capital today.
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