Crypto investment spirit

We always say the key is to invest only money you can afford to lose. While it remains true, the more important success key, in my opinion, is to invest in a project you really believe in. The belief is the only thing that will let you patiently wait during tough periods like Q1 2018. Long-term strategy is the biggest winner, and for long-term to be realistically enabled, you need the belief, period. That’s also the beauty: big winners deserve it, in the end. As it was never a gamble, it always was… a vision, and still is. That’s as good of a skill than any other obvious one.


Finally, keep in mind, we have seen periods of time when prices increased significantly with no real progress to back it up. The same way today, I’d say we are seeing prices go down significantly with actual progress to contradict it. This is the market contradiction, and something to always remember: the crypto market, for now, is irrational in the short term. It tends to be more rational in the long term. As for the question, which one comes after the other? My answer: does it really matter? If you want to think, think long term. Otherwise, go on and gamble again. Ultimately, progress will be the driving factor.

local_offerevent_note March 29, 2018

account_box Mickael